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Stay Positive

  • Always remember that we are living in an Era much different from old times, when people have to accept having no children with no treatment. No, we are living in an Era when most of the people who have no children for the time being will have children sooner than any time before. Science has progressed intensively during the last few years like never before!
  • It takes two to become pregnant, so to face it we cannot be singular! I don’t know how anyone can get through this alone. I can’t stress enough how important trying to build a calm way speaking with your partner in life to build things together, may be it is time to tighten the bond between both of you. If not do not blame the other being incorporative as people are different in their reaction under stress! If so have a friend or a cousin or an aunt or anyone to talk with. This journey might be tough, made only tougher by keeping it all inside. Find your someone.
  • Recognize that some people are going to say stupid or hurtful things--no matter what. But the fact remains that many people harbor misconceptions about infertility, or are insensitive to other people's feelings, and sometimes they think they are helping!!. So stop putting too much importance on what people might say, believe in yourself Read more
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Microsurgical Testicular Sperm Extraction (Micro-TESE)

Micro-TESE is an advanced procedure that requires an expert micro-surgeon, and can make the difference between success and failure for many couples.

What Makes MicroTESE Successful?

* The chance of finding sperm with Micro-TESE is better
than 60%.

* This is twice the chances of finding sperm by non-microsurgical method.

* The amount of testicular tissue taken is much less than the conventional TESE

* Most men are surprised by the minimal amount of pain they have after this surgery.

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3 Dimensional Transvaginal Ultrasound: Essential in fertility workup! We consider it is essential:

* it is vital in detecting uterine conditions that directly affects embryo implantation
* it is essential to detect uterine conditions that affect the continuation of pregnancy
* 3 D assessment of ovarian follicle development & maturity
* Assessment of ovarian reserve and function

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Maximum Technology To help

Ganin Fertility Center has been advanced aggressively the last 24 months offering the latest technology available world wide that has proven with no doubt a significant increase in success rate for IVF/ ICSI. The following is an example:
* Comprehensive Chromosome screening
* Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA)
* Vitrification
* Selecting the best sperm for ICSI using high magnification (IMSI)
* Immunology

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  • Ganin = Using technology to help us . M.K. Saudi Arabia
  • God Bless you M.A El Madina El Monoura Saudi Arabia
  • They always search for the cause W.A. Assuit Egypt
  • They are very meticulous in all things they do N.H. Cairo Egypt
  • They prepare with the needed investigations before starting H.M. Sohag Egypt
  • They only use medicines to target a problem not just for theُ possible benefit and that is what I like in them. H.A. Yemen
  • They target achieving pregnancy rather than concentrating on embarking people to procedures! Z.A. Mansoura Egypt
  • After doing 7 attempts elsewhere: One can not compare the ICSI procedures that are done at Ganin with other centres W.E. Boston USA
  • I could not believe that a center in the Middle East using latest technology only available at the top USA centres only F.A. Dubai UAE
  • I liked this workup doing everything in the same day seeing the doctor having 3D ultrasound doing all investigations and results in the same day A.A. Fanta Egypt

How We Can Help

Endocrinology Laboratory

Hormones assessment has a direct influence upon the different parts of the diagnostic and therapeutic plans Read more

Andrology Laboratory

Semen fluid analysis (SFA) is the essential part to assess the male part of the problem. One has to know according to which criteria the SFA is performed. At Ganin Fertility Center the test is done according to the latest criteria Read more

3D Ultrasound in infertility

We believe with no doubt that 3d ultrasound is essential part of fertility assessment. For some women, infertility is caused or exacerbated by having a uterus with congenital abnormalities. These uterine anomalies can lead to greater difficulty with embryo . Read more


This is the corner stone of infertility management. We are proud to report consistently high live birth rates and low miscarriage rates utilizing different technologies such as successfully growing embryos to the blastocyst stage (day 5 or 6), CCS testing for 23 pairs of chromosomes, testing and treatment immunological reasons. GFC success rates continue to be among the highest in the world. Read more


Immunology is the science that deals with the immune system that detects any cells in the body which are foreign and do not belong to the body itself, then sets about disabling or destroying them. When a woman conceives, the embryo might be considered by the immune system as a foreign body and attack it, causing failure of implantation, chemical miscarriages or multiple miscarriages. Read More

Helping Financially

We understand that the cost of dealing sub fertility can be a burden for some . We have reduced many of the costs at the diagnostic and therapeutic level. Also, we have a special programs that help such as “if you are not pregnant in the first attempt have the second free” and “if you are not pregnant have 60-70% refund back!” Read More

Information Center

PCOS (Polycstic Ovaries)

Even before birth, a woman's eggs begin to diminish in number: During the 20th gestation week, a female embryo contains the maximum number of eggs the ovaries will ever have which is about seven million eggs.
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Endometriosis, a cause of female infertility, is a common disorder that affects women during their reproductive years. It occurs when endometrial tissue, the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, grows outside the uterus.
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Repeated IVF/ICSI failure

Who is causing the failure?For many couples experiencing infertility, IVF constitutes the last resort treatment, sometimes after other treatment options have also failed. It is devastating to meet failure with the procedure
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Age & infertility

Even before birth, a woman's eggs begin to diminish in number: During the 20th gestation week, a female embryo contains the maximum number of eggs the ovaries will ever have which is about seven million eggs.
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